My name is Daphne Semus Cyprus, and I write articles about stuff.


Whenever I have a question about how things work or where things come from, I conduct a little research to find out, and I write about it. I found that it changed me from someone who had nothing to say about anything, to someone who won't stop talking about seemingly random topics - igloos, for example.

I wanted to create something that is of high quality and interesting. I wanted to feel a commitment and a responsibility for a project of some kind. Towards that goal, I'm going to try and put a lot of effort in the research and writing process, keep re-evaluating my methods and progress in order to improve my skills and set a high bar for myself. Also, I'm going to write all kinds of unrelated posts for my blog, so I could practice my newfound drawing skills.

I find interest in a lot of places, but the main one for me is science - I am currently studying marine sciences. I hope you will find what I write interesting.

You can find me on Twitter or follow me on Medium and Bloglovin'.

Feel free to contact me with comments, corrections and suggestions. I'm always looking for interesting projects, so talk to me if you have an idea.