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Additional Notes - The Fruit with the Catchiest Name

Original Article - The Fruit with the Catchiest Name.

The kumquat article is the first article that I wrote, around the beginning of January. The idea of writing was growing in my head for a few weeks by then. I wasn't yet sure about what the content of my articles would be or how I to present them, but I knew that it did not really matter, as long as I found it interesting and fun enough to actually start writing. 

After that fateful evening, in which I encountered the kumquat, the little fruit really never left my mind. I wanted to know more about it, for no reason other than to satiate my curiosity. At first, I didn't do anything about it - I figured that I would forget about it, with time. Then, I spent an afternoon in a nearby town and everywhere I looked I saw kumquat trees. They were in public and private gardens or potted outside of houses for decoration. I really thought that they were rare. To my surprise, the next time I visited my parents, I found out that my mom had just planted one outside their apartment. The kumquat was everywhere I went, so I resolved to at least know a thing or two about it, and see if it can be an interesting subject to write about.

I had a lot of fun reading about the kumquat and finding out that it really comes from China. I spent a few hours over two days or so reading about it and anything related that came to my mind. I enjoyed looking up information just because I found it interesting. After writing the article and then re-writing and improving it, I felt that my writing skills were getting a little sharper. The article still feels like it was written by a beginner, but made me believe that I could get better. Also, I felt that there must be endless subjects I could write about, if I can fill a couple of pages about a fruit. 

Every time I see a kumquat tree in the 'wild' now, I feel somewhat of a connection to it, and I like it. Also, I don't think about the kumquat as much now, but its name is still constantly stuck in my head - except now, I also call it Gam-Gwat, Kinkan or Gimgam.

Robert Fortune is the man who brought the kumquat to Europe, and his name still applies to the fruit. The kumquat used to be of the Fortunella genus, and it is still called by that name today, sometimes. Fortune spent some time in china, investigating and collecting plants. I read whatever I could find about Mr. Fortune and his adventures. I found that there is a book about it, that entered my ever-growing to-read list. It is called 'For All the Tea in China: How England Stole the World's Favorite Drink and Changed History' by Sarah Rose, and you can find it here. For a short description of Mr. F.'s life, you can go here.

I was going to link to recipes for Kumquacello, all kinds of jams that you can make and maybe even a kumquat-based Chinese medicine but there are so many, you just have to google them. I decided to link to just the one that we are planning to make later today: Spicy Tangy Sticky Kumquat Chutney, by Food Lust People Love

The first few drafts of this article were a little different than what it ended up to be. I was not yet sure on the direction that I wanted to take with these articles and I was kind of experimenting. At the end, I decided to cut a bit of fluff that I don't remember why I thought would be suitable at all. Along the fluff, I changed the last paragraph of the article. At first, that paragraph had a joke that was a bit dirty in it, that was supposed to close the article, but I decided against it. It felt like a real stretch, and it wasn't really funny... But, when looking something up for that joke, I stumbled upon an article about places with funny names in Australia, which I still wanted to share.

Thank you for reading,