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Along came Boom-Bob

A couple of days ago, a good friend of Amikinart and mine has given us a great gift - a waterproof bluetooth speaker. Finally, we can listen to music or podcasts in the shower, which is something that I did not know my life was missing. Ami named it Boom-Bob.


When I first tried it, my first reaction was immense pleasure. That lasted a second though, because then this thought struck me: 'oh man, now I have to create a showering music playlist. I'm going to have to define what type of music is best for this, and then I'm going to have to find the right songs. It's going to take up so much time'. So now I'm trying to convince myself that this does not require a playlist.

Also, while I was showering, little speaker Boom-Bob notified me that I got a message. A few minutes later, when I got out of the shower, I naturally reached for my phone to see who the message is from. I did not realize that I skipped the toweling up and drying phase of this process until I noticed that I got too much water on the screen for it to work. I hope to be smarter next time and not let it become a new habit.

Anyway, here's a clue about the subject of my next article: What do Abe Lincoln, Julie Andrews, Marie Curie and Pope John Paul II have in common? Surprisingly, though, Sir David Attenborough does not share this trait.