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What I Call 'Close Enough'

Here’s a short anecdote: a few years ago, my family and I were traveling. We just landed in an airport somewhere in Austria, if I remember correctly, and we went through the process of getting into the country. Everything was going smoothly and we arrived at that conveyor belt carousel that you get your luggage off. As usual, this stage of the process took a bit of time and we waited for all the luggage to be brought from the plain. Everyone was tired from traveling and quietly staring at the carousel, waiting for the belt to move.

For no specific reason, I turned to my mom, and said just loud enough so my brothers could hear: ‘I’m willing to bet you anything that my bag will be the first to come out on that conveyor belt’. Obviously, I had no reason to believe that, but on the off-chance that my blue, medium sized bag would appear first...

Suddenly, we were waiting intently for the belt to start moving. No one had real stakes in this pseudo-wager but we were all in on it. Then, the carousel creaked alive. Now all of our eyes were focused on that little flappy curtain that blocks the view to the side where the suitcases are being loaded on the carousel. We waited. Then, the curtain was disturbed. Something was coming through. My family was never as tense about something so marginal. Everyone wanted it to be my blue bag, but… alas, it was this huge, gigantic black suitcase. In a second, the excitement was gone. That is until the big black suitcase got to the first curve, rotated a bit and we could see that my blue, smallish bag was right there, leaning on it.

I said that my bag would come out first, before any other luggage. I did not get it right, but god darn it, that is what I call ‘close enough’. 

I told you that story to tell you this one: Ami and I are finishing college in a couple of weeks. We’re starting a new period in our lives and we spent the last couple of weeks looking for a new apartment. Ami, bless her heart, joined a bunch of apartment hunters’ facebook groups (the horror…) and gathered information about a bunch of potential places. One afternoon, we were going over all of these places, trying to decide which have better chances to fit our humble needs and filtering out those that are either over our head or don't meet our requirements.

After comparing a few apartments, for no specific reason, I half-jokingly said to Ami ‘none of this comparing really matters, you know. We are simply going to take the first apartment we see’. Obviously, I had no reason to believe that, but on the off-chance that the first apartment we visited was perfect…

We made a few appointments to see some apartments in an area we liked. I don’t know if Ami felt this way, but when we drove over to see the first one, I felt tense. What if I was right in saying that we would simply take the first apartment we checked? I wanted this apartment to be perfect.

The first apartment we saw had potential. It’s in a perfect location, nice neighborhood, ten minutes away from anything we might need, not far from where some of our friends live. But… the apartment was noticeably old, it’s had a funny room in the middle of it with two doors and no windows; it was not great and we decided not to pick this one.

We saw a few other apartments, none of which were perfect fits either. I forgot that I even said anything about taking the first apartment we saw. One of the first appointments we have made was at an apartment in the same building as the first one, about a week later. The first apartment was on the first floor and this one on the third. It was quite a bit more expensive, so more than we expected to find a good apartment, we just wanted to see why the price was higher.

We entered the apartment and it was simply perfect. Spacious, well designed and brand new. It didn't have any funny rooms or anything. It turns out that this building used to be two-floors high, but then they added a third and fourth floor a couple of years ago. This apartment had all the upsides of the one below it and quite a few more. We both felt at home.

We just signed the contract for that apartment.

I said that we would get the first apartment we saw. I did not get it right, but god darn it, that is what I call ‘close enough’.


This is what I have to live with.


Anyway, we now hope to not find out about a noisy neighbor or anything that might ruin this for us.

Thanks for reading!