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Kicking Things Off


I am Daphne Semus Cyprus. At the moment of writing, I'm in the last stages of publishing my website, that will contain these articles that I'm writing. All of this is supposed to be a creative outlet of sorts. When I was younger I spent a big chunk of my time writing and working on music. Today, I'm a few months away from earning a degree in marine sciences. Ever since I went back to school, for the degree, the time I spent doing anything related to anything creative has been very much limited. I found I really missed it - I'm enjoying studying, but you don't get many chances to be imaginative. And so, I kept thinking of new projects to take on.

I always figured that I would do a podcast. I am a big fan of podcasts and I am more envious of talented podcasters than I'd like to admit. I knew that it isn't the type of project I wanted to immerse myself in, though. You have to know your weaknesses, and one of mine is that I am not very good at expressing myself verbally, more less extemporaneously. That is why I've decided to start a writing project.

I think it's safe to say that I am a very curious person - I find every subject and object could be interesting, under the right light. And with the resources we have today, any little fact, tidbit of knowledge or curious ideas can send you down a rabbit hole of gripping research, if you let it. So when I ran into a kumquat tree a few months ago and questions about it kept popping in my head, I spent a few hours over a couple of days reading whatever I could find about it, and I enjoyed it so much that I felt that I should write it down as an article. I enjoyed it so much that it motivated me to keep going and I have ended up with a few finished articles, a pretty long list of other ideas that I wanted to read up about, and quite an arsenal of seemingly unimportant subjects to talk about.

I'm planning to write about anything interesting that comes to mind, and I'm aiming at articles that are 7-10 minutes long in reading time. My main interest is science. As I have mentioned, I study marine sciences and oceanography, which is a subject related to so many others.I'm also currently taking part in a research project that has to do with algae and the effect of their environment on their morphology. I'm sure that these topics and others related to them will be semi-regular subjects of my articles.

I feel that it's time to post my articles. These articles are based on subjects that captivate my mind and each one that I write leads me to many new ideas and questions that I want to follow up. I truly hope that whoever reads these articles will find them not only interesting but also thought-provoking. If these articles can spark curiosity for others, I would consider it a job well done. 

The main part of this website will be the articles page. I already have a few articles lined up to be posted, and I have many more planned. The blog part of this website will mainly be comprised of additional notes and sources of the articles, and also news and updates. I'm also going to use the blog to post anything that is related to the articles in different ways. By that I mean comments to the articles that add and expand on the articles or that highlight mistakes in them, interesting extra-reading or anything else.

Once again, I hope you will find the reading interesting.

Thank you,